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Job Locations US-AK-Anchorage
SUMMARY/GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF JOB Under the supervision of the Village Response Team (VRT) Manager and response team supervisors as assigned, the Village Spill Response Technician provides general hazardous materials response support throughout the Greater Prudhoe Bay Area and the eight (8) North Slope Borough Villages.  Village Spill Response Technician receives initial and annual competency training in order to ensure there is a trained and ready response team to protect the natural resources of the North Slope region of Alaska. ESSENTIAL DUTIES & JOB FUNCTIONS Duties include, but not limited to: - Provides general oil spill response labor and equipment operations support as assigned. Equipment may involve oil skimmers, boom, and other ancillary gear. - Responsible to follow all Company safety policies and procedures. - Performs other duties as assigned by a Response Supervisor. ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERTISE - Ability to understand and apply during performance of work Company health, safety and environmental standards. - Ability to perform equipment inspections, identify deficiencies, and to request and document corrective actions. - Ability to execute instructions and remain flexible in a dynamic environment. - Must be able to work harmoniously as part of a Company team, as well as provide excellent services to customers. - Must have good oral and written communications skills. WORK CONDITIONS  - This position is an on-call as needed position that generally works 12-hours shifts for the duration of a project. - For projects lasting longer than 28 days, a rotational schedule is set by supervisor.   Physical Demands - While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to stand, sit, squat, crawl, while performing duties. - Exposure to moderate levels of noise. - Employee must always have good balance and coordination in order to safely walk over catwalks, enter/ exit hatches, and over uneven and/or slippery surfaces. - Must be able to climb ladders. - Work vessels have various combinations of draft which make it necessary to step across, up, down, or over an obstacle in order to gain access to the vessel from a barge, to a barge from a vessel or from vessel to vessel. - Employee must be able to step with a step length of 2-ft. in the horizontal direction and 2-ft. in the vertical direction. - Must also be able to safely walk and carry tools and line while crossing pipes, ledges, sills, catwalks and/or climbing ladders and push knees. - Must be able to work in cold/hot weather while wearing required PPE. (e.g., life preserver, respirators, goggles, etc.) - Employee must be able to write in English, read in English, calculate, have estimation skills, possess good verbal presentation and be able to communicate using the radio, speaker, or electronic communication by using the English language. - Repetitive and prolonged postures involving standing, sitting, twisting, squatting, kneeling, stooping and reaching to full range from above the head to the deck. - Employee must have the ability to move extremities and spine through full physiological range of motion that will permit the employee to work in a variety of postures involving postures allowing reaching with hands from deck level to overhead level. - Flexing and twisting of the trunk and other awkward postures are required occasionally when assisting crew while tying up vessels, moving rope or cable and repairing equipment. Environmental Conditions - Cramped, confined spaces. - May work in fog, dark, and other visibility limiting conditions. - May be exposed to fuels, solvents, cleaners, dust, fumes, smoke, and gases. - Will work on vessels in adverse weather conditions. - Constant and loud engine, blowers, and exhaust noise. - Irregular working hours. - Vibrations from vessel engines. - Arctic marine environment including low temperatures, high wind, icing, plenty of moisture and wave action. - Frequent hazards include hypothermia, pinch points, sprains, strains, slips, falls, concussive impacts, and lifting injuries. - Hazard awareness and corrective action is a constant function of the job due to the extreme work environment.   JOB REQUIREMENTS Mandatory - Demonstrate the ability to perform the Essential Duties & Job Functions described above. - Demonstrate the Essential Knowledge, Skills and Expertise described above. - Must successfully complete a 40-Hour Initial Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training course as outlined on 29CFR 1910.120. - Must be able to successfully complete a background check and pass initial/random drug screenings. - Must be able to pass a HAZWOPER/Merchant Marine fit for duty physical.   Preferred - None.
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